Monday, May 31, 2010

my shower in my new pad!

sooo i know i've been moved in my new place for a few weeks now buttt i have to show everyone what i have to shower in each morning!haha i love my new place, its really cute but theres just one problem...
i think im a little to tall for my shower!
when i first moved in i was so excited, it was refreshing moving in to a new place, of course i miss the llc and my wonderful roomies but my new roomie is great and i get my own room....and then i walked into the bathroom and found this shower 10 times to small!hahah but its ok, since moving in i've found new ways of showering that work just fine!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farmer market fun!

my first summer adventure:)
This morning i went on a lovely bike ride down to the logan farmers market with a few of my sisterhood loves, madi and sarah!
sarah mads and me:)
we had so much fun exploring the stands and of course taking photos!being a photographer i am fascinated with people, and i loved the feel of the people we saw!

the market is usually packed with more people but it was a cold morning in logan town, but it was still a lot of fun!i look forward to many more market adventures!haha
i was able to snag a cute pic of these little girls haha
i loved these shots of this woman, she was just sitting by herself listening to the band..

sarah doing her thang:)and mads being a wonderful model for us!haha
we climbed a sweet tree!it was way fun!
me and dodd!
up in the tree!haha
a sweet old water fountain and bridge!

beautiful dodd and a lady sitting at her stand:)
simply sarah and us on our bikes!haha
after the market we went to this really cool building!we have no idea what it was for but i loved it:)
im looking forward to more logan adventures this summer and being with amazing friends, i know this summer is going to be one ill never forget!ps sorry i haven't been blogging as regularly as i was hoping but i'm going to be taking my camera every where with me from now on so ill have more adventure to blog about!so stay tuned!haha

Monday, May 10, 2010

HaPpY bIrThDaY SAM!!!!

(closest thing i got to a Dominican happy birthday!)
Today is Samyo's 22 birthday!Unfortunately i couldn't be in utah to celebrate with him and our friends but i know he'll have a fun day!!:)

(i just thought these two videos were wayy funny so i had to add them!!)haha

(my feelings of sam in a nut shell!) hahaha

loveee you!!:))

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!!!

This weekend i was able to fly home and be with my mom on one of the best days of the year, Mothers Day!
My mom is the biggest inspiration in my life, she is my world and i am so happy i can be home with her today!
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!i love youuuu

First year of college...DONE!

Can you believe first year of college is done!This has been such an amazing and fun year, i cant believe it is already over!i'm going to miss all of my friends and roommates so much but i cant wait to what this next year will bring!                            
                                                              D 301!!!love you girls!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

band wagon!

Hey every one i have officially joined the blogging world. With the i mean shleby and coco forcing me i am OFFICIALLY a blogger!haha
This is how the cookie crumbled....
me and shleby were at the library "studying".....
Shleby: "i am making you a blog right now so i can stalk you this summer!"
(if you all don't know shleby is my best friend and she is going to be in the play mill this summer up in west yellow stone,and she has to have some way of seeing what is new with me...even though we have phones and fb!haha)
Me:"whyyyy i don't want one..i'm not creative..."
Coco:"makeeee a bloggg!!!!!!!"
...i gave in i had no other choice....
The best part of making a blog was coco's reaction when she heard i was official!...
she grabbed her chest and exhaled heavily!hahaha
i think i'm gonna like this new world of blogging!
oh and i have to thank Samyo,haha he was probably the first person to encourage/tell me to get a blog!haha