Monday, June 28, 2010

third day in NAPERVILLLLE!!!

i am having so much fun out here in chi city thus far!i couldnt ask for a more perfect way to spend my week!samyos fam is so amazing and have made me feel so welcome!every day has been so much fun its going to be really hard to say goodbye at the end of the week:( but i am having soooo much fun and i'm looking forward to our next adventure!today we woke to a beautiful cool day and decided to go have a picnic in this park in down town naperville. we went and picked us up some potbellys sandwiches and then after we ate we went paddle boating!it was so much fun, and i'm looking forward to our next adventure!
me lil d and coco getting potbellys!
me samyo and lil d
me and sammyyo:)
siblings don chya know!

coco and lil d
me and lil o
lil o and her pops!!
down town
big d is the mannn!
modeling 101 with kage and samyo
cutest pic of big d and samyo evaa
coco loves paddle boating!
classic...they love him!
getting strapped in
coco relaxin
so cute!samyo and mom
we love lil d!
piggy back for uncle sam!
cutest fam in all of chi city!
i loveee this pic!they love each other!
love love love this beautiful momma!
she loved that fountain 
ice cream!
gotta l o v e aunt coco!
big d and coco!
glass posse!
favorite pic of the day!

what a fun eventful day!i cant wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Proud to be an American

yesterday my brother matt left for boot camp...he is officially a united states marine!
i was pretty bummed this past weekend knowing i wouldn't be able to say bye to him in person. luckily he'll only be gone about three months and not another two years. haha for some reason with this kid we always end up saying our goodbyes through the phone. haha when he left on his mission i was at a youth conference so i had to say bye to him early and then i got about five mins on the phone with him before they dropped him off. and now being up in utah i wasn't able to drive out and see him so i got another five min phone call with him haha i wanted to talk more butttt.. he had a lot of people to call  and was busy hahah what a little turd! haha i'm really going to miss him but im proud of him and that he's doing what he loves and that he's serving our county. miss you bro and hope you don't die in boot camp!haha love you
bye matty see you in three months hoooraaawww!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

shout out to my pops!

you are the best dad i could evvverr ask for!i am so grateful for you, you have been such an amazing blessing in my life, so i just wanted to say thanks!:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gabryelle Allnutt photoshoot

last summer i got a digital camera for my birthday but didn't really know much about it because i had only been doing film. so i decided to try it out and do a photo shoot with my friend gabby!here are some of my favorites...there are more on facebook if you would like to check em out!
let me know what you think!
if your interested in seeing more you can check out the album on facebook!haha these are only some of the photos. but it was a lot of fun i think for it being the first time i really used my camera i did alright! 
hope you liked them!:)