Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another adventure in chi town!

the next day in chicago sam and i went to the city with his one of his bffs matt and his wife nina! it was my first time in the city so it was really exciting! we went on an architectural tour on the river which i loved!haha i thought it was way fun because last semester i took an interior design class and half the semester was on chicago architecture so  it was so cool seeing the buildings and the city i learned about all semester!haha we went to navy pier and went on matts boat and ate real chicago deep dish pizza, but i think my favorite thing of the day was going to the bean!!!i see this bean every where and it looks so cool, and ive always wanted to see it in person!so it was really exciting to be able to walk over to it and take pictures!
well another post with a million pictures but what can i say my blogs called picture this!haha adventure to the sears tower is next!! post to come!


  1. looks like so much fun!!
    makes me want to go to chi city!

  2. did you upload to my gallery yet? PLEASE do...especially the sears tower pix....

  3. I think I want to go on that architecture tour again. It is very cool.

  4. Great pics, as always, Jenn! Mmmmm...I'm hungry for some pizza.