Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sky diving with an elephant parachute!!haha

chi city cont....the next adventure on the list took us up 103 floors to the top of the sears tower!!! it was insaneeee!!! it was crazy being up so high!it was the fastest elevator i have ever been on and when you got to the skydeck they had sweet facts on the walls, windows all around showing the entire city, and my favorite...the glass walls! they made these glass panel walls and floor extending from the building so when you walked out on it you were 103 floors above the city streets!it was so scary only having glass under me but it was so fun!and a must do if its your first time to the city!after we went to the top, me coco and samyo went off on our own to explore the city some more!we went to some shops, and then headed over to a free matt kearney concert in the park!he was amazing in concert, and i would see him again any day!there was also this thing called the taste of chicago where allllll these food places come and you eat their food!haha you buy tickets and go at it!haha the food was so good and it was right in the city, it was so beautiful having the sunset around all of the tall buildings i loved it!my favorite treat was the rainbow ice cream cone!!it was sooooooo good!!haha then after the taste and full of food we headed back to good ol naperville to kick it with the fam! it was such a fun day!!:)
pics from our walk around town, the concert, and taste of chi town will be in a post tomorrow!

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  1. WOW! You got some great shot! Some of them really made me laugh! Miss you!